Monday, July 6, 2009

Cigarette Smoking Dangers

The cigarette smoking dangers are many and you not only risk your own health, but also the health of everyone around you when you smoke tobacco cigarettes. People die every year because of complications and diseases due to smoking. While lung cancer is the most famous of the cigarette smoking dangers, there are many other cancers associated with tobacco cigarette smoking, including mouth cancer, larynx cancer, tongue cancer, gum cancer, bladder cancer, esophageal cancer, and other cancers of the body. Cigarette smoking dangers can even extend to other health issues not normally associated to tobacco cigarette smoking.

Smokers are more like to suffer cardiac arrest or heart attack and they have an elevated risk of stroke. Tobacco cigarette smoking dangers also include coronary disease, pulmonary disease, and emphysema. Smokers with diabetes have an even greater risk of these tobacco cigarette smoking dangers.

Male smokers can also suffer from erectile dysfunction. The tobacco cigarette smoking dangers for women include an increased risk of osteoporosis, infertility, and low birth weight or developmental problems in their babies. There are even tobacco cigarette smoking dangers for your mouth, including mouth sores, gum disease, and poor overall dental health.

Second hand smoke can also present tobacco cigarette smoking dangers as it can cause illness and disease in the people around you. Every year, thousands of nonsmoking children and adults develop lung cancer because the people around them smoked tobacco cigarettes, which exposed them to harm. Babies exposed to second hand smoke are at risk of SIDS, also known as sudden infant death syndrome.

While there are plenty of tobacco cigarette smoking dangers, there is an alternative -- electronic cigarettes. Also known as e cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can provide you with the look and feel of tobacco cigarette smoking without the danger.

Smokeless Cigarettes

Thursday, July 2, 2009

10 Reasons Why People Buy Electronic Cigarette Kits

There are many reasons to buy electronic cigarette start-up kits :

* Some buy electronic cigarette kits to smoke in non-smoking areas. This non-tobacco product does not have any harmful smoke or smells involved.

* Some people buy electronic cigarette kits because they act like real cigarettes, with a nice taste that isn’t taxed the way that tobacco products are.

* Some choose to buy electronic cigarette kits as a way to quit smoking tobacco products. Kits come with flavor cartridges that can have nicotine in them or not.

* Those who smoke the kind without nicotine have successfully given up all bad tobacco habits.

* People going on vacations often buy electronic cigarette kits before leaving home. These kits are a way to have a smoking break on cruise ships or airplanes where no tobacco products are allowed.

* Due to the fact that there is no smells involved, some people buy electronic cigarette kits to keep their homes and cars smelling clean.

* College students over the age of 18 will often buy electronic cigarette kits as a way to smoke, but to also meet sports or club rules requiring the individual not to smoke tobacco products.

* Some people are choosing to buy electronic cigarette kits as a way to keep from munching on snack food all day.

* People who enjoy playing pool in bars choose to buy electronic cigarette kits so that a smoke during the game is possible. Most bars do not mind smoking as long as it is with a legal product that does not contain smells, smoke, or tobacco.

* Pipe smokers and cigar smokers are choosing to buy electronic cigarette kits because they come in flavors and are healthier than tobacco smoking.

* People who work in high-stress jobs enjoy these kits that are not against any office rules in some organizations. Smoking at the desk is again a possibility because this type of non-tobacco product will not harm electronics with a layer of smoke like tobacco users.

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