Monday, August 3, 2009

Bad Breath - another reason to quit smoking !

Everyone knows that smoking causes lung cancer, but do you know what else smoking does to your body? According to most medical experts smoking is responsible for
and connected with virtually every type of cancer a person can contract, including cancers of the bladder, anus, blood, larynx,esophagus, stomach, cervix, and virtually every other part of the body.

How is smoking related to these areas of the body? The nicotine from cigarettes gets absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly and easily and blood travels to every cell in the body, so potentially the nicotine from cigarettes travels to every cell as well. This means that when you smoke you're not just affecting your
respiratory system by what you're inhaling but you're affecting every cell in your body even to the furthest extremities.

Even apart from cancer smoking is connected to many diseases of the respiratory system, from emphysema to asthma and COPD. Most smokers have a hard time breathing in a normal and healthy manner,and of course we all know how important breathing is to our life and health overall!

But with all these reasons for why a person should stop smoking,it's also important to think about what smoking does to those around him or her. Secondhand smoke is proven to be almost as harmful as actual cigarette smoke, and many who live with heavy smokers report various health problems that can be associated with secondhand smoke.

And it may be the least of a smoker's concerns but of course what cigarette smoke does to one's breath is sometimes beyond repair. The smell of cigarette smoke on your breath is bad enough but another reason for why it makes the breath so bad is because of the damage that it does to the inside of one's mouth. Inhaling
cigarette smoke causes virtually all cells of the mouth to be damaged and this damage causes a foul odor.

You may have noticed that an open wound can have a bad smell because of the dead flesh around it, and cigarette smoke does much the same to your mouth and your throat as well. This dying and dead flesh has a very bad smell that travels out when a person expels air by breathing out.

So if your list of reasons to quit smoking wasn't already exhaustive, your bad breath can and should be added to it. You have absolutely no reasons to keep smoking, and a litany of reasons to quit!


  1. Awesome article. Agreed! Another reason to quit smoking now 8-)

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  2. I been 10yrs without smoking now. Feels better and all that is related just makes me hate it even more. Bad breath, bad farts, bad smell, empty wallet, bad cancer - good riddance to it all!

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