Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kicked your smoking habit recently? Now lose or maintain your weight the natural way

According to recent studies when you quit smoking you can put on between 5-15 lbs, and this is due to nicotine actually leaving your body.

As a stimulant reputed to have a strong influence upon your body’s food cravings, nicotine directly interferes with your blood glucose levels by making the brain believe you have got too much glucose in your system when in fact you have not. As a consequence, your brain begins sending out signals telling your body to eat less and reduce your hunger levels, resulting is a steady weight loss.

But this is not all nicotine disrupts. In heavy smokers, nicotine has been proven to burn 200 more calories a day than individuals who do not smoke due to its ability to make your metabolism speed up and burn fat faster.

Now whilst these facts may feel more of an incentive to keep on smoking than quit, the benefits you can gain from kicking the habit far outweigh the ones listed above.

Especially when there are new healthy weight loss solutions - such as natural fat-binder Proactol - that can help you to maintain your weight loss whilst you quit.

Under their new quit smoking and lose weight campaign, smokers wishing to quit can now do so confident that Proactol will be there to support them they will need not have to worry about potential weight gain. Proactol will do it all for them.

By reducing their appetite and food cravings, Proactol can help smokers to resist the temptation of making food a substitute for cigarettes, thus resulting in weight gain and can instead focus on what’s important : quitting smoking for good.


Many physicians believe trying to lose weight at the same time as quitting smoking can lower your success rate, but with such support systems in place smokers can offer the best route to a healthier lifestyle .

For more information about Proactol visit or alternatively learn more about their quit smoking campaign.

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